Air Conditioner Options for Apartments Type of AC for Apartments

Air Conditioner Options for Apartments: Type of AC for Apartments

The biggest ally, when winter brings temperatures down or when the sun comes melting, is the air conditioning.

But choosing the right equipment always involves many doubts. What is the best type of apartment split? Portable or wall-mounted? With or without inverter system?

I tryed to cover most of the doubt when it comed to best ac type for apanrtment plus in the conclusion I have shared an special tip.

When split AC is best for an apartment?

Those who live in an apartment often question themselves a lot about the ideal model of AC is suitable for the size of the environment.

With that in mind, the split-type air conditioner is the most chosen, precisely because it takes up less space and less work to install. (compare to windows where you have only windows as the installation option)

In addition, many models are available in the market, with modern features that remove noise and are more economical even with superior climate performance.

Not to mention that the design is much more attractive and can even become a decoration item.

Among the advantages of splits are:

  • Better air conditioning capacity of environments with different powers , being able to choose the ideal model for the size of the environments of your apartment
  • More sophisticated design , because it offers different options of colors, sizes and materials, being able to match your decor
  • More economical , because it has a sleep function , which reduces the intensity of the air when you are sleeping, a timer , which automatically turns off the device after a certain time of use, and the most modern models have an inverter function , which performs a precise control of the temperature.
  • Quieter , because it is divided into two parts, an internal one (which releases the air conditioning into the environment) and an external one (, which starts the cooling work and makes more noise)
  • Better air quality, because the splits have purifying filters with bioactive substances that eliminate odors, impurities and microorganisms.

If you are worrying about where you can put your outer unit of split AC the you can read best location for AC outdoor unit. This will help you to make dision to where you can install the outer unit in you balcony or roof whic place will be perfect.

What is the best air conditioner for your apartment?

If you are looking for more power to cool environments and are concerned with a more sophisticated design , the split is the ideal type of air conditioner for you.

However, don’t forget that, to have this comfort, you will need to go through the installation part.

Typically, this involves breaking the wall for the pipe to pass through and can alter the building’s facade.

But if your apartment is small , there are cheaper options that don’t involve “breaking break” to install. Below are the characteristics and advantages of each type.

Portable Air Conditioner

Who wants mobility for their device, the portable air conditioner is the ideal type. With it, you can have only one piece of equipment and use it in the environment you are in.

In addition, if the property is rented , it is the most suitable model, as it does not require any type of extra work in the apartment, either internally or on the facade.

This avoids any kind of headache with the owner or investing in something that you won’t get a return on later.

But remember: you need to have a space for the extension tube – which exchanges hot air for cold – and is outside.

Thus, portable ac needs to be close to some window or balcony. 

Here are some more advantages of portable air conditioning:

  • No need to hire professionals to install – which also generates savings
  • It brings practicality in transport , because it has wheels and is light
  • Are cheaper than traditional wall models

Window air conditioner

Despite not having modern features, such as an inverter , it is the ideal model for small apartments .

It has an evaporator and condenser in a single setup, which makes it a very compact device.

In addition, if you are looking for economy and do not need a large cooling capacity, this model is the most suitable.

However, to install this type of air conditioner, you have to install in you window or yo have to make a lage hole as the size. If you want to install AC in your bedroom then you can install this AC in you window .

Unless you already have some space for the pipe to run through. If so, this model is more appropriate for your apartment.

Here are some more advantages of window air conditioning:

  • Installation is simpler than the traditional split, although you have to open a space in the wall
  • Takes advantage of spaces close to or in the apartment’s own windows
  • Lower price than all other types.

Can you use a portable AC in an apartment?

Yes, Portable air conditioners are perfect for apartments. You need to plug them in 110V with no installation.

Do all portable air conditioners have to be vented out a window?

These air conditioners work similarly to standalone heat pumps in that they extract heat from a space and transfer it to another location via an exhaust vent. However, if you can find another way to get the heat outside, portable air conditioners don’t necessarily need to vent out a window.


In my conclusion there are only two winners windows and split. Portable AC is only best when you are rented.

It may seems a good idea to go with Split AC since you will get new technologycal advancement with the split. Plus you will save in you elctricity bill with the inverter technology in the split AC

Window AC are cheaper then the Split AC but due to the device’s high energy consumption, its overall worth increases as its time of usage increases relative to the split model.

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