AC placement in Bedroom Best Place to Install Split Air Conditioner

AC placement in Bedroom: Best Place to Install Split Air Conditioner

If you are about to buy or have already bought an air conditioner, you must be wondering where and how to install it correctly in your bedroom. In this article, you will understand where should you install the air conditioner in your bedroom, the main places, and precautions when installing it. 

Where to put the air conditioner in the room?

As a bedroom is a resting place and people like to sleep comfortably, it is a place where installation is more common. Currently, the models are modern and many already come with the “Sleep” option, which turns off the power and makes the climate more pleasant. 

To maintain the performance of the appliance and contribute to the comfort of the room, we need to think about the installation of the air conditioning. Do not point the air directly at the bed, for example, in addition to causing some discomfort with cold.

In addition, it is worth remembering that this room has many fabrics, such as clothes and rugs, and even electronic devices and lamps. That is, materials collaborate to heat the room. Therefore, take into account when sizing the power of the equipment

Correct installation of window air conditioner

For the best operation, split air conditioner needs to be installed between 1.5m and 1.8m from the floor and, on the sides, a minimum distance of 50 cm must be maintained. 

Choose the best way of fixing the device (wooden frame, concrete box, or directly on the wall), and don’t forget to keep a support base at least 21 cm deep, both when installing on a window and on the wall.

Avoid walls that get too much sun

When installed on walls that receive a strong incidence of sunlight, the air conditioner can have its performance harmed, since the surface heating increases the temperature of the environment and makes the device work harder to ensure cooling. Rooms whose windows receive sunlight are also warmer.

It is easy to avoid the sun in split ac but in windows ac it is hard since it has to be on widows and if the window gets too much sun then there is nothing you can do about it.

Installing AC on walls that don’t gets much can also save on electricity bill you can read our full guide on how you can reduce ac electricity consumption. It will help you to drastically improve the performance of your air conditioner too.

Can Air conditioner install above the TV?

It is not recommended to place the air outlet on televisions, stereos, computers or any electrical equipment, and there is at least 1 meter away from fluorescent lamps (tube light or LED) to avoid damage in case of water leakage.

Choose a wall to install the air conditioner that does not interfere with other installations, such as electrical, plumbing or gas, for example. In addition, prefer to install the  air conditioner  on surfaces free from some elements present in the decoration, such as curtains, blinds and robust furniture, which can prevent air circulation and, consequently, make the equipment work harder to cool the environment and consume more electricity.

Also remember to try to keep the two parts as close together as possible, to reduce expenses. For precise information on distances, it is necessary to consult the device’s instruction manual.

Location of the Outdoor Unit?

The split air conditioner’s exterior unit should ideally be situated in a shady area. The outside unit shouldn’t be put in a room that is completely sealed off from the outside air. Also, consider how easily you can service the outdoor unit. The effectiveness of the air conditioner will be impacted by where the outdoor unit is placed. Most installers base their estimate on a back-to-back installation, which only required a short section of refrigerant tubing and places the outdoor unit immediately behind the interior unit.

Split unit, need to be installed on well-leveled walls that are free from moisture.

Those who live in buildings should redouble their attention since the noise emitted by the air conditioning can disrespect the rules of good coexistence. 

If the distance between the interior and outdoor units is between one and two feet, they often keep their price. After that, they’ll start adding extra charges. B

Before beginning installing, check with your installer to prevent any disputes afterward. The split air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor units can be separated by up to 15 meters. It is generally more than enough to enable your indoor unit to install in the ideal spot for a regular bedroom.

Precautions during installation

  1. If possible, install the air conditioner on the walls that are farther apart;
  2. Don’t forget, that any environment needs constant cleaning and maintenance ;
  3.  If your environment has more than one device, try to install both so that the airflow is not crossed;
  4. Be careful not to obstruct the passage of air, that is, do not install it behind curtains or furniture, or in the middle of wall partitions;
  5.  Although portable air conditioning equipment does not require installation, its positioning can interfere with the performance of the device. So pay attention to your position.

Conclusion – Quick Tips

We separate tips for you to check the best installation in your environment, whether large or small:

  • Air flow must be directed to the greatest extent of the room;
  • Centralization of the equipment on the wall of the environment; 
  • Move curtains, furniture, blinds and other obstacles away from the air conditioning;
  • Avoid directing air at people and electronic equipment;
  • Install the equipment in an easily accessible and slightly inclined location, less than 1 cm;
  • The outdoor unit (condenser) must be in an open environment.

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