How do I Protect my Air Conditioner from Theft [Security Tips]

If you live on the ground floor and use a window air conditioner, there is a potential that it will be stolen.

If the outdoor unit is positioned on the ground or close to it, it can cause problems with other AC systems like split or central.

Air conditioning units contain a large amount of valuable copper that can be removed from your system in minutes by well-trained thieves to be sold for scrap. As a homeowner, an air conditioner theft can be devastating, leaving you uncomfortable and with a loss of your expensive investment.

Here are some proven methods to protect your air conditioning unit.

How to protect your air conditioner from theft

  1. Use Tamper-Resistant Screws or welding.
  2. Add lighting around the unit.
  3. Place security cameras near the air conditioner.
  4. Use a fence or “cage” on the unit.
  5. Lock gates and other access to the property.
  6. Remove any direct access to the air conditioner.

Now let’s deeply go into securing your air conditioner, with some additional actionable tips.

1. Using an Air conditioner cage

Buy an air conditioning cage

One of the most basic but effective ways to protect your air conditioner is to purchase a specially designed cage. Cages are arguably the most effective deterrent to a stolen unit due to their immediate visibility. 

With some investment in cages, you can buy peace of mind through a solid steel cage enforced. You can also costume-made your cage with the welder which I think is the most appropriate step in order to get the maximum advantage for the cage. As you will get more strong and according to you needs.

2. Air Conditioning alarm.

Air conditioning alarms can be purchased as a more expensive and less visible alternative to an air conditioning cage. Homeowners may want to consider an alarm if they want the unit to look as clean and normal as possible. 

Most air conditioning alarms are based on the same pressure-sensitive premise, however, the technology behind the alarm can vary by company. Even if you choose not to purchase a full alarm system for your unit, you can purchase a false alarm sticker. 

Homeowners have been using similar stickers to warn burglars that their home is protected by an alarm system, even if it isn’t. Such stickers are an effective and cheap alternative to a complete alarm system.

3. Using a Surveillance camera

Some may already have a surveillance camera system to monitor various areas around their homes.

A motion-activated surveillance camera near your air conditioner, along with a warning sign, is a sure way to motivate thieves to move on to an easier target. Install motion-sensing outdoor lights or floodlights near the unit to increase the effectiveness of surveillance cameras.

4. Making Air Conditioners Less Accessible

In some cases, homeowners may have the option of elevating an air conditioner or at least moving it to a less accessible and less visible area.

Hiding your unit behind bushes or a small fence can be enough to thwart thieves looking for a quick way to make some illegal money.

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