How to clean the Portable Air Conditioner Filter?

How to clean the Portable Air Conditioner Filter?

To keep it in good working order, cleaning the portable air conditioner filter is an essential task. As the filter is responsible for removing dirt, such as dust and smoke, it must always be sanitized.

When the filter is not cleaned, the device’s ability to collect impurities from the air is impaired. That is, care isinportent for the proper performance of the device and for you, who will have an environment free of dirt, bacteria, fungi, among others.

What is the Function of the Air Conditioning Filter?

The air filter receives the air that is circulated throughout the cooling system. The filter’s task is to capture pollutants and particulates like fungi, mould, pet dander, dust, and mould.

When air passes through, filter can catch these materials without obstructing the flow of air.

When to clean air filter?

The period suggested by manufacturers to clean the air conditioning filter may vary. Some brands recommend cleaning after 200 hours of use or once every three months. Apart from that, some equipment has an alarm on the operating panel indicating the need to clean the component.

However, if the air-conditioned environment is very dusty, cleaning the filter should be done more frequently. Therefore, we suggest that it happens once a week.

How to clean the Portable Air Conditioner Filter?

How to clean a portable air conditioner filter: step by step

1 – Turn off the device and disconnect the plug from the socket;
2 – Remove the back panel of the product and remove the filter;
3 – Remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner – (If it’s a lot, use warm water and neutral detergent);
4 – After cleaning, let it dry in the shade;
5 – Reinstall the air filter and place it on the rear panel.

Some precautions must be taken. Before cleaning, unplug the appliance from the socket. While without the filter, do not use the air conditioner, as it accumulates dust on other internal components.

And if you’re in a hurry, don’t use a hairdryer to speed up the process. This can cause the filter to deform or even cause a fire. Okay, now you know how to clean your portable air conditioner filter.

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