How to Clean Window Air Conditioner Filter [Step By Step]

How to Clean Window Air Conditioner Filter [Step By Step]

Do you know how to clean the window air conditioner filter? AC filter cleaning is important for it to work well and without disturbing the health of those who use it.

It turns out that a dirty filter can clog the air passage and strain the appliance’s motor. And not only that, but the dirt in the filters spreads impurities and bacteria in the environment that is being air-conditioned.

Today, we will learn how to clean the filters of a Window model air conditioner and avoid all these problems.

Want to learn how to properly clean your window air conditioning filter? We prepared an exclusive video showing each step of the procedure, check it out!

8 Steps on how to clean the Window Air Conditioner filter

Dirty window air conditioner filter.

Dirty window air conditioner filter.

1 – Unplug the Air-Conditioner from the socket.
2 – Remove the filter carefully so as not to loosen the dirt inside the air conditioner
3 – Wash the filter with running water to remove excess dirt.
4 –  Rub the filter with a sponge and soap, taking care not to damage the filter.
5 – Let the filter dry well before putting it back.
6 – Clean the air inlets and outlets of the air conditioner.
7 – Put the filter back in place before reconnecting the air conditioner to the socket.

Complete cleaning of the Air Conditioner

  1. If cleaning is general, it is necessary to carry out the steps above and also remove the air conditioner from the installation location;
  2. Take him to an open area;
  3. After removing the filter, remove the front part of the hull;
  4. The front can be fitted with clips or screws, sometimes both;
  5. Remove the top and back of the hull. Both are also trapped in the same way;
  6. Some models have a piece of styrofoam on the inside of the condenser, remove it;
  7. The fan capacitor is exposed. You have to wrap the metal part in a plastic bag or disconnect the motor wires to remove it, which is more difficult and really should be done by a professional;
  8.  The fan motor, the round part right in the middle between the condenser and the evaporator, must also be protected with plastic, as in some models there are small holes where water can enter;
  9. Once this process is carried out, use a hose or a water jet to clean, always from top to bottom.

Care when cleaning

Window air conditioners have thin metal channels protecting refrigerant gas pipes. This is the part where dust accumulates the most between the metal threads.

These parts must be unobstructed to avoid freezing and loss of power to the Air Conditioner. However, the gutters are very sensitive, they can dent easily, even with a very strong water jet. Therefore, use an open jet to spread the force of the impact.

Why clean my Window Air Conditioner?

It is necessary to clean and maintain your air conditionerbecause of the accumulation of dirt. With so much air moving from one side to the other there, dust, mites, and bacteria are concentrated

Impurities can either damage or cause the air conditioner to malfunction, as well as being very bad for your health – learn about the risks here. Filters should be cleaned regularly every month.

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