Find out How to Cool a Room Without AC

How to Cool a Room Without AC: 9 Easy & Actionable Tips

With the change of season, we are getting closer and closer to the days of high temperatures. Staying in room is not an easy task in this hot weather, right? Sleep, then, often seems like an impossible mission. 

Especially without air conditioner, that’s why we’ve put together some practical suggestions to freshen up your room and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Of course, a powerful fan or air conditioning helps, but they are not always necessary. The decoration of the environment itself can help maintain a much more pleasant temperature. Check out!

Find out How to Cool a Room Without AC

Unplug electronics

Electronic devices, when plugged in, tend to get very hot. Before bed, disconnect as many appliances as possible. This will help lower the temperature of the room and save on the electricity bill.

Turn off lights and computers that are not being used. Turn off the TV as it generates a lot of heat. Extensions should also be turned off.

Prefer light colors

This trick goes for everything from the bedding to the color of the walls. To freshen up the room, always opt for light tones like white and similar, as they reflect light instead of absorbing it, leaving it with a milder temperature.

Use light fabrics

This is the main rule to face the heat, but it goes far beyond clothes worn on hot days. Choose lightweight fabrics for curtains, sheets and pillowcases. Cotton is a great option as it allows air to circulate more easily.

Close the blinds during the day

If the room receives direct sunlight, a good way to prevent it from getting too hot is to close the curtains during the day. At night, open them again to let the breeze cool the room before you go to sleep.

Create a homemade air conditioner.  

Make a fan blow towards a steel bowl filled with ice and salt. It is also possible to use two two-liter bottles filled with water (70%), coarse salt (10%) and air (20%, to expand). Freeze them. Salt causes the temperature to go below zero. Place the bottles in a large bowl. Place a fan to blow air through them.

When the salted ice in the bottle melts, the surrounding air will cool. The fan will bring that air to you. Water and salt bottles can be reused.

Use portable fans or open the chimney flue. This will take warm air out of the house and pull in cool night air.

Put plants in your room

Plants help maintain a mild temperature in the room and also look beautiful in decor. There are several species that you can grow in this environment, see a complete list here.

Leave the bedding in the freezer

This tip may seem a little strange at first, but it makes a lot of difference when it comes to refreshing the room. Leave your sheet in the freezer for a while before going to bed, ensuring it stays fresh when you use it. Place it inside a plastic bag so that it does not come into direct contact with food.

Plant a tree.  

Trees with leaves can cast shadows over your home or garden, cooling things down considerably. Deciduous trees (that lose their leaves in winter) will let sunlight in in the winter and protect you from it during the summer.

If you can’t plant a tree, build a trellis and grow some grapes. Leafy vines will act like deciduous trees. Not to mention the advantage of the grapes.

Increase room humidity

Another tip to lower the temperature of the room is to invest in air humidifiers, making the environment more comfortable. If you don’t have one, you can also fill a basin or bucket with water and improvise. What counts is the result!

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