How to Reduce AC Power Consumption? Tips to Save on Electricity Bill

We have some actionable tips and tricks to reduce the energy consumption of your Air conditioner in this article. An AC guarantees a controlled and noise-free environment, as the space must always be closed to ensure its proper functioning.

Did you know when the air conditioner is running leave the ceiling fan on, it can save a lot of energy. Together, they keep the room ventilated and circulate the cool air in all corners. Additionally, you won’t need to continue lowering the temperature.

Start by turning on the fan to remove the heated air in your room before turning on the air conditioner for effective cooling with the least amount of energy consumption.

Just like this, we have listed some of the best tips to reduce AC power consumption significantly.

How much light does an air conditioner consume?

During the summer months, electricity consumption increases due to the use of air conditioning equipment. In fact, it can increase to more than 140 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month if, on average, the user has the air conditioning connected between 7 and 8 hours a day.

However, if efficient consumption is made, the expense for the use of air conditioning will not be so high. Therefore, it is important to follow a series of tips to avoid surprises on the electricity bill.

Which air conditioner saves more energy?

To know how to save electricity with air conditioning, it is important to know that there are two different technologies for air conditioners on the market, Non-inverter and Inverter AC .

Non-inverter air conditioners consume a lot of energy compared to Inverter AC. The inverter technology has a temperature adjustment that regulates the speed and power of the air conditioning according to the temperature of the room, providing greater comfort and stability.

According to the manufacturer Panasonic, an Inverter air conditioner saves up to 50% energy compared to a simple AC. Precise temperature control allows an Inverter air conditioner to adapt to different spaces, occasions, and situations, such as rooms that may be empty or, on the contrary, very full of people, to guarantee constant comfort.

Some of the inverter AC come with new features that will help you save even more on your electricity bill:

  • Control your air conditioner from a mobile app or voice
  • Remote programming of temperature and humidity
  • Compatible with Amazon and Google Home

Tips and tricks to save on your air conditioning consumption

1. Is it worth turning off the air conditioning for an hour at lunch and then turning it on when returning from work?

The answer is no.

It is not a good idea to turn off the air conditioner in short periods of time, as it will need more energy to bring the room to the desired temperature.

If the period without the need to use the device is long, from one day to the next, for example, it is worth turning it off. If this period is short, one hour, for example, it is better to leave it on”

2. Pay attention to the air conditioning temperature

Pay attention to the air conditioning temperature
Hand adjusting temperature on air conditioner with remote control, Working air conditioner for comfort temperature in home at hot summer

It is possible to save up to 50% of energy just with the correct regulation of the air conditioning temperature.

Avoid leaving the device at the maximum cold, as this forces the device to work harder, consuming more energy.

The idea is to regulate the thermostat so that it stays between 24ºC and 25ºC, so the heat exchanges will be more subtle, making the difference between the internal and external space not be so different and spend less energy.

3. Keep the environment closed

Although this tip is obvious to many people, it’s always good to remember: air conditioning was made for indoors.

That is, it is no use choosing the right amount of Ton (eg, 1,1.5 and 2 Ton) and adjusting the temperature prudently if there are many air outlets such as doors and windows.

It is important to note that, even when closed, they have gaps that cause cold air to escape.

So, whenever possible, seal these gaps: under the door and between the windows. It is sometimes impossible but makes sure that the gap is not too much.

4. Keep air conditioning maintenance up to date

Maintaining your air conditioner is an important point to consider.

Many people ignore the culture of cleaning this device, forgetting that a dirty device can increase the energy bill by up to 20% and cause health problems for those in the environment.

What’s more, dirt can even burn the compressor and cause a short circuit.

Therefore, monthly or six-monthly maintenance must be carried out, even if only the filters are cleaned with running water.

5. Install the Outer Unit in ventilated places

One of the great myths related to the energy consumption of air conditioners is that the location of the outer unit installation does not influence energy consumption.

It is necessary to install it in an environment where there is air circulation, thus avoiding the return of the insufflated air – which prevents the device from working properly.

It is important to remember that the reduction of energy consumption of any electronic equipment is mainly due to its good use.

AC powers Saving Checklist

  1. Install the outdoor unit (condenser) in a place with good air circulation;
  2. Do not block the sides and bottom of your window air conditioner. This reduces the efficiency of the device;
  3. Protect the outside of the device from direct sunlight, without blocking the ventilation grids;
  4. Install the air in high points of the room, as this makes it cool the environment without consuming so much energy.
  5. Avoid excessive cold by adjusting the thermostat properly:  23 degrees is usually ideal ;
  6. Keep doors and windows well closed to prevent air from entering the street;
  7. Avoid the heat of the sun in the environment, closing curtains and blinds;
  8. Keep filters clean.  Dirty filters force the appliance to work harder;
  9. Turn off the device whenever you are away from the environment for a long time, but do not turn it off if the absence is quick, as this can end up increasing energy consumption;
  10. At night, activate the Sleep function (present in most split appliances ) which automatically regulates the temperature and saves energy;
  11. Avoid leaving electronic devices on unnecessarily in the environment where the air conditioner is, as they make the appliance “work harder” to cool the room!

How to save electricity in split ac?

Here are some of the most effective tips to save electricity in split AC.
1. Choose the right temperature.
2. Turn off the power button when not in use.
3 Must use the timer to avoid overusing.
4. Service your AC regularly.
5. Ensure to lock every door and window.
6. Avoid install of split AC on the wall which gets direct sunlight for the maximum amount of time.

Why my AC is consuming more power?

Although air conditioners consume a lot of electricity, their decreased efficiency will result in high electricity costs. Your air conditioner will use a lot of electricity due to a variety of factors, including dirty filters, duct leaks, faulty components (such as motors and capacitors), low refrigerant, improper maintenance, an outdated system, and a poor installation.


Undoubtedly, the big factor that ends up influencing the energy consumption of the air conditioner (and, consequently, the electricity bill at the end of the month) is the way in which the device is used. Therefore, adopting some care and practices helps a lot to keep the bill low and the temperature comfortable in your home.

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