How to Seal Room for AC | Increase Air Conditioner effectiveness 

According to research by the IPCC (International Panel On Climate Change), air leakages and ineffective thermal insulation reduce cooling efficiency by 20–40%. During the summer, there is a strong demand for air conditioners, which raises electricity costs. Ineffective thermal insulation can increase the load on air conditioners by around 40%, increasing the number of units used.

Making sure all the doors and windows in the room where the AC is running are shut is the first step in ensuring that the load on the AC is reduced. Utilizing a latch door closer is a simple way to achieve that. Since they have been on the market for a while, these door closers’ quality has significantly increased.

With split AC it is pretty easy to seal the room but with windows air conditioner it becomes a bit hard to seal the room and especially the window in which it is installed.

The efficiency of air conditioners installed in windows will depend on the care with which the installation is carried out. The main factor is a good seal of the top and sides of the window once the unit is in place. Since these types of air conditioners are often installed temporarily during the warmer months, permanent sealants such as foaming foam and caulk putty are expensive and labor-intensive options. There is a much simpler method to get the job done without making removal difficult.

How to Seal Room for Windows AC

How to Seal Room for Windows AC

Step 1

Center the air conditioner so that there is equal space on the sides between the unit and the window frame. Measure both spaces for accuracy.

Step 2

Cut two pieces of the wooden board to fit the openings on the side of the air conditioner, taking 5 mm off the ends to make room for the gasket tape.

Step 3

Measure the width of your window opening from the left side to the right side of the frame. Cut four pieces of ribbon the same length.

Step 4

Cut four extra pieces of tape to the same length as the pieces on the wooden board.

Step 5

Place two long pieces of sealing tape between the edge of the window and the top of the air conditioner. Close the window tightly on these pieces. Insert the other two pieces into the slots on the underside of the appliance, stretching the ends along the open areas towards the sides where you will fit the pieces of wood.

Step 6

Open the window just enough to fit the two pieces of wood vertically on each side and arrange the tape on the sides, top, and bottom. When the tape is filling all the cracks, push the window down well for the last time. The air conditioner is sealed and ready for operation.

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