4 Important Guidelines when installing a Split AC in an Apartment

If you have already chosen the best type of split for your apartment home, now is the time to know what care you need to take to install air conditioner.

1 Check if it’s allowed

The first care is to check with society if this type of air conditioning is allowed. Some apartments already have the structure for this model.

If yours doesn’t have it, contact the builder or building manager and check if it’s possible to install the outside on the balcony or any wall in the outside area. 

Many apartments don’t allow the facade change, so it’s super important to check this before buying your air conditioner.

2 Check the infrastructure of the building

You should check if your apartment has infrastructure and piping for the installation of a split air conditioner.

If not, don’t worry, you can schedule a technician visit to see if you can make the necessary adjustments.

Another important point is to see if your building has an electrical network capable of supporting the energy load necessary for the air conditioning to work.

If your building already has the complete infrastructure for your split, don’t forget to ask what the size of the gauge (diameter) of the pipe for the AC is. Thus, you guarantee that you will choose a product compatible with the available structure.

3 Choose the best place

Choose a wall that does not interfere with other installations, such as electrical, plumbing or gas, and without curtains, blinds and sturdy furniture, which can impede air circulation.

You can read this guide to the best place to install AC in your bedroom that will help you to make a constructive approach for the location where you should place you inner unit of AC.

Another tip is to avoid walls that get too much sun , generating more savings.

It is not recommended to place the air outlet on televisions, computers, or any electrical equipment, and at least 1 meter away from fluorescent lamps to avoid damage in case of water leakage. 

The condenser, the outdoor air conditioning unit, must be installed upright, in a well-ventilated place.

Also remember to try to keep the two parts as close together as possible, to reduce expenses.

For health reasons, the air coming out of the air conditioner must never be released directly into people in the environment. Install it above the place where you sit or sleep.

On the wall, prefer to fit it at the highest possible height, respecting a distance of 15 cm from the ceiling to facilitate cleaning. In this position, cold air will be released evenly.

4 Hire a specialized professional

This should be obvious, the traditional split (wall) must always be installed by a professional specialized in air conditioning , otherwise, you could end up damaging your product and even causing accidents. 

The ideal is to hire a technician from the manufacturer’s authorized network to do the installation, as each model has its individualities, so he will have more knowledge about the product. 

Evaluate all factors BEFORE installing air conditioning in your apartment

Choosing a split isn’t as simple as it sounds, is it? Unlike an electronic device such as a television or refrigerator, air conditioning depends on the building’s infrastructure and requires a great deal of care.

So, do a lot of research on the subject , talk to the builder or administrator of your condominium and don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional.

The goal is comfort, right? So it’s better to be safe first than to have to deal with more serious problems later.

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