LG AC Error Code List Split, Inverter, All Codes PDF

LG AC Error Code List | Split, Inverter, All Codes PDF

Searching for LG AC error code list? This article provides you with a comprehensive list of LG air conditioner fault codes, also known as LG error codes. You can see the error code in your remote control if your LG air conditioner isn’t functioning properly.

The latest LG inverter ACs have a fascinating feature called “Smart Diagnosis.” The machine can self-detect installation and usage errors thanks to this feature. The indoor unit display or the remote control option will flash an error code if there is a problem with the device.

These codes can guide you in identifying the issue and give the AC technician the information they need to determine the best course of action. The error code will appear in the air conditioner if the LG air conditioner you have does not have a remote control.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the error codes that are most frequently seen. Users should note that all LG AC models will not display all these errors.

LG inverter air conditioner error codes:

c1 or ch1Indoor temperature sensor open or closed circuit
c2 or ch2Outdoor temperature sensor open or closed circuit
c4 or ch4Heat sink temperature sensor open or closed circuit
c5 or ch5Communication indoor and outdoor units
c6 or ch6Excessive current at inverter DC power circuit
c7 or ch7Excessive compressor current
c8 or ch8Indoor fan not rotating
c9 or ch9Outdoor fan not rotating
ca or ch10Faulty discharge thermistor
ccEEPROM error
 cdInverter module error
poSystem in power mode ( not a fault )
loSystem in test mode ( not a fault )

LG AC Indoor Unit Error Code List

Error CodeDescription
1Indoor unit room temperature sensor error
2Indoor unit inlet pipe sensor error
3Wired remote control error
4Float switch error
5Communication errors between the indoor and outdoor units
6Indoor unit outlet pipe sensor error
9Indoor unit EEPROM error
10Indoor unit BLDC fan motor lock
12Indoor unit middle pipe sensor error

LG AC Outdoor Unit Error Code List

Error CodeDescription
21DC Peak (IPM) Fault – Compressor DC voltage is too high
22CT2 (Max  CT) – Alternating current input too high
23DC Link Low Voltage
25AC Low/High Voltage
26DC Comp Position Error (not providing rotation – locking)
27PSC Fault – Current to inverter compressor between AC and DC converter is too high
28Inverter Compressor DC voltage is too high
29Comp Phase Over-current – Inverter compressor amperage is too high
31Current-to-current transformer (CT) thermistor is too low
32Inverter Compressor Discharge pipe overheat
34High-pressure sensor high
35Low-pressure sensor low
36/38Refrigerant Leak detection
37Exceed the compression ration limit                                                                             
40CT sensor error – Thermistor is disconnected or shorted out
41Discharge Pipe sensor error – INV is disconnected or shorted out
42Low-Pressure sensor error
43High-Pressure sensor error
44Outdoor air sensor error – Disconnected or shorted out
45Condenser middle pipe sensor error – Disconnected or shorted out
46Suction pipe sensor error – Disconnected or shorted out
48Outdoor unit coil outlet (liquid line) thermistor is disconnected or shorted out
51Excess capacity – Mismatch between IDU and ODU
53Communication error – between the IDU and ODU
60Outdoor unit printed circuit board (PCB) EEPROM checksum error
61Condenser coil temperature is too high
62Heat sink sensor temperature – high
63Condenser coil pipe thermistor temperature is low
65Heat sink thermistor has disconnected or shorted out
67BLDC motor fan lock
72Detect 4-way valve transfer failure
93Communication error

Other LG AC Error Codes:

Error CodePossible CauseSolution
Code appears in the display. F1,F2 or F3Air conditioner is in FAN mode and the number shown is the set fan speed.This is normal. The air conditioner is working properly.
FLThe water collection tank is full.Empty the water collection tank.
CH01Short or open circuit in the indoor air thermistor.Unplug the air conditioner and contact your authorized LG service center.

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