What is Inverter air conditioner Different Types of Inverter AC

What is Inverter air conditioner? Different Types of Inverter AC

Inverter AC can improve sleep quality, and air quality, be more sustainable, and can be used in all seasons. In this post, we have discussed various types of Inverter air conditioning that will help you to buy a new air conditioner unit for your home.

If you are a bit confused about which type of air conditioner will be best for you that you can also read the difference between Inverter AC and non-Inverter AC which will 110% help you to get the right decision for your home.

What is an inverter air conditioner?

The Inverter is a very important component inside your air conditioner. It regulates the energy consumption and the compressor speed, managing to detect the temperature of the environment: increasing and decreasing the power according to the need.

Inverter air conditioning benefits

  • More economical – the savings between an Inverter and a standard appliance is about 60%;
  • Best cost and benefit;
  • Greater thermal comfort – conventional models turn off and on when reaching a certain temperature;
  • Quieter operation;
  • More sustainable – the gas used in inverter air conditioning is R410a, known for being more ecological and not affecting the ozone layer, unlike R22, used in conventional ones;
  • Greater durability – less oscillation, as it does not have constant switching between on and off;
  • Some models can also be used in winter – the objective is thermal comfort;
  • Ideal for a baby’s room – the “Good Sleep” function automatically adjusts the temperature throughout the night, according to the age group.

Know some functions of the inverter model:

Doctor Virus Function

The Virus Doctor function eliminates biological and allergic contaminants that are harmful to health, such as bacteria, viruses, molds, mites, dust, dog and cat hair.

Smart Saver Function

The Smart Saver function consumes less energy, being able to leave your space cooled between the temperature range of 24°C to 30°C, demanding even less from the compressor.

Turbo Function

Turbo function is one where the Inverter air operates at fan speed to cool down quickly.

Auto Clean Function

Automatic cleaning eliminates the moisture present in the internal unit of the device. Enabling this function provides cleaner, healthier airflow.

On Timer Function

The On Timer function allows you to set the time when your air conditioner will turn on.

Quiet Function

The Quiet function is to make the silencer a real end to noise. If the Inverter air conditioner is already super quiet, Quiet further reduces the noise generated in the indoor unit during operation.

Good Sleep Function

The Good Sleep function is responsible for improving your sleep, especially on very hot days. By activating it, the device lowers the ambient temperature, offering a favorable climate for relaxation.

Heat function

The Heat function is useful on winter days, which can be very cold and dry, especially in the South region. The device offers the function in order to acclimatize the environment even on cold days.

Some models that are conquering the market:

Types of Air Conditioning:

Dual inverter air conditioning

The term dual refers to the new technology that brings two air compressors. Therefore, the compressor works even more efficiently, with a dual motor that can increase the cooling speed (that is, it can reach the desired temperature even faster than the Inverter), reduce the noise level and even decrease the energy expenditure for a savings of 70%.

Inside the Dual Inverter there is the Artcool model and the Power line. The Artcool model has a more laid-back design and full of technology to make its use more utilitarian. The device has the wifi option, which allows the control of the air conditioning outside the house, by smartphone.

The Power line, on the other hand, has a power range of 20 meters and a much higher BTU than previous models, reaching 31,000. They are the most suitable models to be installed in offices and commercial environments.

Smart inverter air conditioner

The Smart Inverter is a line from LG , which also guarantees a well-cooled and silent environment. This option does not have all the technologies of the Dual Inverter, but it is very complete and more affordable, in addition to being the one that emits the least noise in its category.

Multi Inverter air conditioning

The Multi Inverter, also a line from LG, is an outdoor unit for various environments, that is, the Multi Inverter air conditioner does not require multiple outdoor units to cool all rooms in the house. With it, only one outdoor unit is needed to cover up to five rooms.

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