Which AC is Best Window or Split Perfect Air conditioner

Which AC is Best Window or Split? Perfect one in 2023

Which AC is the best split or a window air conditioner? This question is usually very common when we decide to invest in an air conditioning system.

Window air conditioners have been around for many years. Even with new models, its basic operating structure is old. Splits arrived with a new concept a few years ago. 

How window air conditioning works

It consists of a single piece, built into the wall. The model has a hot air exhaust system, facing outwards and the fresh air system facing the target environment.

Window air conditioning is usually more affordable. It has a simpler installation than a split model, for example. Easy replacement parts and even the user can do the installation.

Because it was designed with older technology, it usually emits a greater amount of noise and consumes more energy, increasing the electricity bill.

How does split air conditioning work?

Famous in the market for being a silent and economical model, it has a more complex installation than the window AC, requiring specialized labor.

The name split is due to the fact that it has two parts: condenser and evaporator. The indoor unit that cools the environment (condenser) and the outside where the compressor is (evaporator), a tube connects the two parts, through which the gas responsible for cooling the air circulates.

Today it is found in most homes and businesses. Split models are manufactured in two different technologies: conventional and inverter. The inverter model is the option for a more economical air conditioner, as it does not turn the compressor on and off.

Split air conditioning and window: which one is more economical?

We have taken into account the main characteristics of each one to seek this answer.


Window air conditioner

Despite having newer parts than the first models offered on the market, the operating technology, as a whole, is of the first order created. This increases consumption in comparison.

Split air conditioning

The model divided into two modules has a more modern process. All the innovations aimed at comfort, efficiency, noise reduction, influence of external temperatures, were applied in this new generation of air cooling devices. Due to the total focus on technological updating, it becomes more economical in terms of energy expenditure.

Installation and maintenance

Window air conditioner

  • Easy installation, can be done even by the buyer;
  • The cost of the device is generally lower than the split model;
  • Replacement parts are easily accessible and at a reduced price;
  • At purchase and installation the window appliance is more economical.

Split air conditioning

  • Complex installation;
  • Specialized labor is required, under penalty of voiding the appliance’s warranty;
  • Replacement parts are only found in specialized and authorized stores;
  • Maintenance and repair can only be carried out by accredited technicians;
  • It has a much higher initial investment value than the window model.

As we have indicated, the split models are much more difficult to install than window air conditioners. This is due to the fact that its operation depends on two units (internal and external), which must be installed in key points of the house so that the air conditioning is 100% effective. 

Window air conditioners, on the other hand, are made up of a single unit. This facilitates the transfer and installation of the equipment, since it is only necessary to locate a window opening to introduce the air into said space. 

  • Winner: Window Air. 

Advantages of Window Air Conditioning

Popularly called wall air conditioner or window air conditioner, there are few brands that today offer this model, because with the arrival of the Split, more modern and taking up less space in the environment, the Janela lost popularity.

  • The value of the device is cheaper;
  • They are more compact (condenser, compressor and evaporator are in the same cabinet);
  • When ordering the installation, the price is cheaper.

Disadvantages of Window Air Conditioners

  • It works only with low powers, ranging from 7,000 BTUs to 30,000 BTUs ;
  • Generate more noise than Split;
  • Mechanical type windows do not have remote control.

You can calculate how much power your environment needs by clicking this link to our BTU Calculator .

Window Air Conditioner is suitable for:

  • For people who live in small environments;
  • Houses or condominiums where there are no noise restrictions;
  • It is suitable for those who have their own house or, if they are a tenant, for those who are allowed to make the opening in the wall;
  • Recommended for those who cannot spend a lot of money on an air conditioner;
  • Energy savings are not defined by the air conditioning model , there are more economical Windows than some types of Split and vice versa (see below) . It is always worth checking the air conditioning consumption and the Procel seal before buying a device.

And if you’ve decided that the Janela model is the right one for your environment, enter our price comparator and see the best prices of Janela air conditioners offered in online stores.

Advantages of Split Air Conditioning

Split air conditioning is divided into two parts. One unit is indoors (the evaporator) and the other is outdoors (the condenser) .

  • Low noise level (the noisiest part is outside);
  • There are several types of Split, and the capacity of this model can reach up to 80,000 BTU;
  • All have remote control;
  • The hole in the part needed for its installation is much smaller. As it is divided into two units, the outdoor unit (outside the house or apartment) is joined with the indoor unit by copper pipes, a very small space in the wall is opened for the passage of these pipes;
  • Aesthetically more beautiful. There are brands investing in split design as another differential.

And if you’ve decided that the Janela model is the right one for your environment, enter our price comparator and see the best Split air conditioning prices  offered in online stores.

Disadvantages of Split Air Conditioning

  • Split is usually more expensive than Janela;
  • Installation is more expensive and more delicate, the professional must be specialized in this device;
  • It is not always a good air conditioner for a condominium , as there are facade problems.

Split Air Conditioning is suitable for:

  • For people who are concerned about comfort more than price;
  • They can open a hole in the wall, and are concerned about the aesthetics of the environment;
  • They want to cool a relatively large space;
  • Your Split’s energy savings will depend on the Procel seal it has. There are Splits that consume more energy than a window air conditioner.


The cost of split air conditioning is higher at the beginning, but this initial cost comes down as the use of the device over time drastically reduces the value of the electric bill. 

The window model is more affordable for emergencies, leased properties, and nothing that is too permanent. As the time of use grows, the total value of the device is higher than the split model, due to high energy consumption.

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