Why do Air Conditioners Leak Water How to fix it!

Why do Air Conditioners Leak Water? How to fix it!

Air conditioning leaking water? It is likely that you have heard about cases of the air conditioner dripping water or maybe you are facing this issue yourself.

In today’s post you will find out what to do when the air conditioner leaks water : 

  • Why does this happen?
  • What are the causes?
  • How to fix this problem?

Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

It is common to know of cases of people who had problems with the air conditioning leaking water.

This water leak is like a continuous leak that causes many people to stop using the air conditioner because of the “leak”.

In many cases, it is necessary to leave a bucket or something to hold the water that leaks from the air conditioning, causing discomforts such as the noise of the dripping water and the obstacle in the passage of the environment.

So today we are going to cite some common causes that leave the  air conditioner leaking water  and how to solve this problem.

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Why does Water leak from the Air Conditioner?

It is not possible to say that there is only one reason for the air conditioning leaking water. 

Also, just because there is a water leak does not mean there is a specific problem.

There are some factors or a combination of them that can lead to this condition, bringing a big headache for those who have the device.

Dirty Air Conditioner Filter?

One of the main factors that lead to water leakage in the air conditioner is the cleaning of the filter, or in this case the lack of it.

Having an air conditioning device implies keeping up to date with maintenance, including  cleaning the air conditioning filter.

But if your air conditioner is new, this shouldn’t be one of the likely causes, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

If your air conditioner is more than 3 years old or older, it’s good to check the filter cleaning.

Air Conditioner Installation Error

If your new air conditioner has been leaking water  from day one, it is likely that the error is in the installation.

One of the main causes is the positioning of the evaporator leaning on the wall.

Another common reason is the  installation of a pipe  with a diameter smaller than that indicated by the manufacturer.

Interconnecting several AC in the same pipeline can also cause this problem.

But if the leak is caused by the installation, it will usually be necessary to redo the entire process. Therefore, it is always recommended qualified professionals for a good installation.

Air Conditioner Drain Problem?

A common situation is a  clogged or even slanted drain. With the clogging of the drain, water accumulates, which together with the dirt forms a kind of sludge inside the device.

But when the drain is inclined, the water is not directed correctly, and the water can end up being conducted to the internal environment,  leaking through the evaporator .

How to fix the Air Conditioner Leakage?

The solution of the air conditioner water leak  depends on a few factors. If your device is new, the problem may be due to incorrect installation.

In this case, the ideal is to call the person who installed your equipment, so that they know what is wrong with the installation and can repair the error.

If the air conditioner is 3 years old or older and has not had this type of problem before, it likely needs cleaning and maintenance.

The best thing to do is contact a technician, or professional in the area so that they can analyze and detect where the problem comes from.

And finally, periodic cleaning can also avoid future headaches.

But, you can read your air conditioner’s instruction manual and see the cleaning options that you can do yourself.

However, never attempt to carry out technical repairs yourself. This can end up damaging your device permanently, as well as being dangerous.


Should I turn off my AC if it’s leaking?

Turn off your air conditioner right away if you discover any leaks in it. This is crucial because it will stop the flow of water, even if the air in your home doesn’t feel any different. Your air conditioner is more vulnerable to further harm the more water it loses.

Do air conditioners always drip water?

All room air conditioners drip water. However, drips in the incorrect location or with the incorrect amount (more than usual) of water may indicate an issue with the air conditioner.

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