Why is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling? 5 Reasons Why

What to do when the air conditioner doesn’t cool your room as it should? What is the problem that may be happening in this case and how to go about solving the problem? Here are some important tips and some tests you can do.

The main function of the air conditioning is to cool the environment, allowing the temperature to be reduced according to what was programmed. It happens that in some situations and for some reasons that we will discuss below, the air conditioner fails to fulfill this main role, that is, it does not freeze or cool as expected.

What are the reasons for this problem and what to do to solve it when the air conditioning does not cool as it should?

While there could be numerous reasons for this to happen, I believe the issues below are the main ones to consider.

Lack of gas

Gas is the essential element for refrigeration to occur, as in the refrigerator, there must be gas for the system to work. 

It happens that due to an installation problem or a defect in the pipeline, the gas can leak and if this happens the immediate consequence is that it will lose its cooling capacity until it reaches the point of not cooling anything.

If this is the problem, it is necessary to call an installer and identify the problem that caused the gas leak. After the problem is fixed, it will be necessary to give a new charge of gas so that it can work properly.

Air Conditioner Defect

In addition to the gas issue, it can be a defect in the AC itself, either due to a manufacturing defect or due to age. There may be a need to replace a part and with that, it ends up losing a little efficiency.

In this case, the ideal is to call technical assistance to identify the problem and carry out the proper maintenance.

Wrong Sizing

As you may know, the capacity of air conditioners is measured in Ton. So, for it to be able to freeze the environment, it is necessary to make a calculation to find out what power is needed in Ton.

If you install a one-ton AC in more than 185 sq ft size of room then it will not work properly since a one-ton AC is ideal for less than 120 sq ft room size.

Elevated Temperature

Another situation that can cause problems occurs when the temperature is extremely high and in this case, the air conditioners suffer a little more to be able to generate an environment.

Imagine a room that receives the afternoon sun very often and ends up becoming too hot, in which case the air needs to be quite powerful to be able to cool properly to the environment.

Inappropriate Temperature

It seems obvious to say this, but for the air conditioner to be able to cool the room well, it is necessary to program it to work at a temperature well below that of the room temperature. 

If you put it at the same or a little lower temperature, the consequence is that it won’t freeze at all.

Some questions about air conditioning

Is it true that the inverter model cools down more than the conventional model?

In fact, this doesn’t happen, but I believe that given its operating model, it feels like it gets colder. What happens is that in the conventional model it cools the environment and when it is cold the air turns off and then it heats up again.
 This coming and going can bring moments of cold and moments where the environment will be relatively warm. 
Already in the inverter model it tends to keep the temperature stable and so you have a more pleasant feeling.

What are the minimum and maximum temperatures that you can put in the air conditioner?

I believe that this feature may vary from device to device, normally the minimum temperature varies between 14 and 18 degrees. The maximum temperature is normally between 28° and 30°. But as I said this will vary greatly from device to device, and from model to model. 
But it is important to take into account that if you set 14 degrees, for example, the environment will hardly reach this temperature. What happens is that it will be on practically straight to try to cool down enough to reach 14°.

Why does it take time for the air to cool down when turning on the air?

In fact this is a problem that happens in most cases, although in some the time is relatively shorter. What happens is that your environment is quite hot and when you turn on the air it takes a while for it to do the process of removing the hot air and blowing cold air into it. 
The time this will take will depend on the power of your device, the size of the room, the internal temperature of the room, as well as the temperature you set on the remote control.

Is there a way to program the air conditioner to turn on and off at a certain time?

The function of programming the air conditioning to turn off already exists in most appliances, especially the most modern ones. 
In this case, it is not possible to determine a time when it will turn off, but from the moment you activate the feature, it programs how many hours it will be in operation, such as 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12, for example. 
As for the function to call, particularly I don’t know and in all the devices I have at home and that I use at work, as well as in other places I’ve used, I’ve never seen this feature.

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